Ever see a stranger from across the room and decide you have found your mortal enemy?

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Forgetting a detail in your story


…and having to go back through the whole thing to find it:

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"It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly."

C. J. Cherryh (via writegeek)
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Apparently this is the week for movie trailers!

How about The Giver

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Writing Truth
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Yes please.


Yes please.

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"With that attitude you’re gonna be single forever and end up with like 15 cats!"



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Incorporate the senses!

Today’s another day of editing, and I will be paying close attention to the senses. I will pay the closest attention to smell. That is always the forgotten sense in my writing. 

What does your scene smell like?

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When I actually write something decent



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Writing Prompt

The color red is illegal, and people have become so afraid of the police enforcing the color codes that they wear thick makeup to prevent any flush or blush showing on their skin.

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Editing & Revising Tip of the Day

If you are as overwhelmed at the idea of starting to hack and slash your novel, as I am- seeing that the book needs a major rearranging, break it down into parts.

For example Act one/beginning, Act two/middle, Act three/end. Then break those into chapters (if you hadn’t during the writing process). Then in each chapter, make bullet points that are events that must happen to move the story forward. Now copy and past scenes, passages, sentences from your original manuscript under the appropriate bullet.

The key is to copy over only what is needed, eliminating first draft fluff. You will be left with the necessary pieces of your story in the correct place- cleaning up the flow of your novel.

This is helping me tackle one bite at a time rather then trying to shove an entire big mouth burger down in one bite.

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Pardon My Language

All right bitches (AKA me who won’t fucking finish this book), I’m sick of your shit. Enough wasting your fucking time. You’re never going to want to edit this fucking book so guess what, you are allowed to sit on your ass waiting for a mood you know full fucking well is never going to hit you. You want to be a writer, you have to edit your fucking work. No one is going to do it for you, and no one in hell is going to want a book that’s a vague resemblance of a book. So guess what? I’m going to be my own biggest pain in my ass. I’m committing you to bare fucking minimum of two hours of editing. EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. You got that? Every day. And guess what sunshine? 10 to 12 Sunday through Friday (Saturday after work, because that shit is also important), how does that feel you “night owl” ass whole. You want to be a writer, then pony up and fucking act like it. I’m so sick of your shit. No more wallowing in your “writing is hard” piss party. Yeah, writing is fucking hard. Editing is so much fucking harder. So, if you want to get good at it, champ the fuck up, put the pen in your fucking hand, or slap the keyboard like it’s your bitch and DO IT, because this is what it takes to make it suck less. Fuck wad.

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I think this is my OTP. 



I think this is my OTP. 

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Basically ;D


Basically ;D

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Famous Asexuals. (Fiction and non fiction) 


Although some of these people’s asexualities may be up for debate, these people are either confirmed asexuals or strongly suspected of being asexual. Whenever you’re willing to debate it is up to you.


John Frusciante. (former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist)




TIM GUNN! So many yays!

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